i’ve never met hugh jackman but i trust him.

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u talkin bout me?

U p cute ngl

You ever just see a face and just think…”damn…”

Like not in a creepy way or anything but it just baffles me how some people can be so good looking. Like I admire it. 


Oh boy. 

I’m pretty drunk.

Cool. Got back into higher rank on csgo.

Least I’m getting a bit better. sheesh.


Hi guys, Thresh again <3 Do I bore you? 

League of Legends
Rafrenze - Thresh [Original costume design by me]
Photo - Chronicle Winter
Event - League of Legend Thailand 2Anniversairy

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That awkward moment when your old css friends look at your csgo scores and just message:

" What happened? "


suddenly realizing you’re a furry likeimage

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